We Are Aliens (red)

We Are Aliens (red)

We Are Aliens (red) – James Prochnik

8″w x 12″h – Two Digital Prints floated on black background. Framed
Limited Edition of 5, each print signed and numbered


Price: $25.00 BUY

These images are self-portraits created in large part with just a camera and a flashlight. When I first made these images, I was struck by how much shutter speed, motion, and light could make me look utterly alien…And it occurred to me that just as the camera’s relatively slow shutter speed and odd lighting produced these effects, perhaps this explains some of how we might see aliens if they moved super fast or some other entirely different way than we expect. Perhaps they are not as bizarre looking as they are often portrayed, and their appearance is instead an artifact of our optical system and their optical characteristics…And maybe, to the aliens, we look like these images….

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