Tom Dixon is a Baltimore, MD based multi-media artist whose work and mediums include painting, sculpture, and 2D and 3D collage.  More of Tom’s work can be seen on his Flickr page here.

Jeff Duka is a DC/VA based painter whose work explores the world, and the universe through that oldest of subjects, the landscape.  Some of Jeff’s early work can be seen in this slideshow.
Jeff is also the originator of the show’s theme.

James Prochnik is a Brooklyn, NY based artist and designer whose work includes photography, sculpture, and collage.  More of James’s work can be seen on his websites: and

Bradley Jacobs is a Make Studio artist from Stevenson, MD. He loves to travel and his diversity of experiences and eclectic taste is reflected in his artwork, everything from drawings to metalwork. Bradley notes a European influence on his art, and can do a convincing British accent to match. He especially enjoys taking familiar things and making new unusual things from them that “people have never seen before”.  Check out more of his work here.

Gregory Bannister is a Make Studio artist whose expressive artworks celebrate color, pattern and the mystical beauty of nature.   View more here.

Jermaine “Jerry” Williams is a Make Studio painter and found object sculptor based in Baltimore, Md.  Jerry’s favorite artistic subjects are superheroes, the actress Lisa Schrage and one of her characters, Mary Lou Maloney, and Star Trek.  Asside from that, Jerry is a big fan of WWE and the circus.  Check out more of his artworks here.

Miranda Pfeiffer is a Baltimore based artist, animator, writer, and farmer. She recently won a 2012 Baker grant, an award that celebrates, recognizes, and supports the best Baltimore artists.

Adam Lister is a Virginia based painter, sculptor, and gallery owner.  His recent geometric constructions are carefully measured expressions of a controlled Koyaanisqatsi reality – life out of balance, upside down, levitating, and yet – beautiful and possible and perfect too.  Find more of his artworks here.

Matthew Somma is a Virginia based painter designer and draftsman whose work explores the fantastic beings and worlds of his imagination with sensitivity and grace.  Please check out his website for more.

Marcelo Gallegos is a painter, illustrator and designer currently living and working in the Lower East Side.  NY, NY.  He’s an old school naturalist carefully documenting the monsters and creatures that haunt our dreams and imagination.  Please drop by his website to see more of his amazing work.

Kim Gaul is a New York City based painter and illustrator.  Her work is precisely observed and happily and humorously expressed.  You can find more of her artwork here.

Martin Prochnik is a Northern Virginia based photographer whose life and work have taken him around and around the Earth like a Satellite.  He’s seen UFO’s first hand, and is pleased for the opportunity to show his evidence for further scrutiny.  More of Martin’s work can be found on his Flickr page here.

Alien8ed is a Brooklyn, NY based artist who likes to make stuff.

Liam Chentoufi is prolific young Brooklyn, NY based artist working with obsessive concentration in a variety of media and mediums including watercolors,sculptures, photography, and crayon and marker.

Kat Johnston is a Baltimore based mixed media collage artist whose work uses a variety of juxtaposed materials to explore the nature and mystery of what it means to be a human being in our complex and eternally enigmatic universe. Check out more of Kat’s work here.

Make Studio is a studio art program in Baltimore Maryland that provides work space and other supports for emerging artists with disabilities. Make Studio Artists in this show include Bradley Jacobs, Gregory Bannister, and Jermaine “Jerry” Williams.

Load of Fun Gallery is a community based gallery presenting emerging as well as established artists. The gallery area also acts as a venue for meetings, presentations and private affairs.