The Plasticarmy artist collective, led by Tom Dixon, Jeff Duka, and James Prochnik is staging a two-and-a-half month artist-led investigation at Load of Fun Gallery in Baltimore into the nature and cultural expression of the UFO phenomena.  Over the course of our investigative time frame, we intend to log and compile observations, evidence, transmissions, and contact stories for public display in person at the Load of Fun gallery, or online via this website.   On January 21, 2012  we intend to present our findings in a multi-media spectacle to include musical and theatrical performances, installations, projections, and our collected and archived work to date.

“I think that it is much more likely that the reports of flying saucers are the results of the known irrational characteristics of terrestrial intelligence than of the unknown rational efforts of extra-terrestrial intelligence.”
Richard Feynman

Are UFOs a byproduct of terrestrial irrationality as Feynman suggests? Plasticarmy will use the heightened antennae of artists to explore the UFO phenomena as both scientific mystery and as a unique cultural expression of fears, fantasies, and anxieties in times of crisis and change. OCCUPY EARTH!!!

Our artist investigators will be tasked with making observations, collecting evidence/sightings, reviewing contacts/transmissions/abductions, hypothesizing about alien life forms, and imagining all that which we cannot observe.

Our project will start with an initial collection of artworks and documentations and a call for local participation. Over the 2.5 month course of the show, we expect to collect substantial and significant additional evidence from other local, national, and international investigators.


For more information on current artists, participants, and independent UFO investigators, please click HERE.